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Missing Children

Missed Child Details

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Missing Sale

Missing - Aalok Oraon from 28/06/2015

Aalok Oraon, Guardian Jharya Oraon, Missing from city of Albart Ekka Sdadiam, State - Jharkhand from 28/06/2015

Missing Sale

Missing - Nitin Kumar Na from 06/04/2015

Nitin Kumar Na, Guardian Anil Kumar, Missing from city of Rishikesh, State - Uttaranchal from 06/04/2015

Missing Sale

Missing - Ajay Kumar from 05/08/2015

Ajay Kumar, Guardian Dinesh Kumar, Missing from city of Rattan Nagar, State - Punjab from 05/08/2015

Missing Sale

Missing - Pooja Kochar from 12/08/2015

Pooja Kochar, Guardian Rajesh Kochar, Missing from city of New Delhi, State - Delhi from 12/08/2015

Missing Sale

Missing - Paidi Kusuma Kusuma from 01/09/2015

Paidi Kusuma Kusuma, Guardian Sanyasirao, Missing from city of Kakaraparru, State - Andra Pradesh from 01/09/2015

Missing Sale

Missing - Suraj Kumar from 20/08/2015

Suraj Kumar, Guardian Ramchetu, Missing from city of Fatehabad, State - Haryana from 20/08/2015

Missing Sale

Missing - Rupa Paik from 03/08/2015

Rupa Paik, Guardian Sailen Paik, Missing from city of Bara Tillan, State - West Bengal from 03/08/2015

Missing Sale

Missing - Jyoti Bhil from 23/08/2015

Jyoti Bhil, Guardian Dinesh Bhil, Missing from city of Mafipura, State - Madhya Pradesh from 23/08/2015

Missing Sale

Missing - Pratiksha Pandurang Gole from 29/08/2015

Pratiksha Pandurang Gole, Guardian Not Available, Missing from city of Mahu, State - Maharastra from 29/08/2015

Missing Sale

Missing - Manoj Kumar Meena from 09/08/2015

Manoj Kumar Meena, Guardian Moharpal Meena, Missing from city of , State - Rajasthan from 09/08/2015