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Originated after an incident, in our family, My nephew who is a small kid goes to school in a small town of Gujarat ( INDIA ) and usually someone from the family accompany him to drop at school and also someone from the family picks him up after school

But unfortunately one day the family member became late due to being tied up in other work, so the school finished in the evening and all children went home, and when my nephew did not see anyone who came to pick him up as usual he decided to walk home by himself, and he got lost.

The family member went to school but school was closed, he and other members got worried and started searching asking everyone near the school and on the way, whether they saw a child looking like his pic and description, but no one was sure, and it passed 2-3 hours and it was getting dark, as it was winter months.

We thought we lost your child, one of our member went to police station to report, they said it is still just few hours, so we will have to wait to file the FIR. They informed us to look around or check with friends or family members who might have picked him up or he might have seen them and went with them.

We tried our best, but could not find him for 2-3 hours, and we all family members and friends under went so much pain and suffering. At that moment I thought there should be a kind of service where we should be able to post ad or something online and make everyone in town/city – or near by bus station or Train station aware which could lead to the discovery of our Lost / Missing child.

I absolutely Thank God from bottom of my heart after 3 -4 hours of struggle we were able to discover my nephew.

Also I want to thank all those people who participated in our search. But From that day onwards I had a mission - I named it -> “ Mission Khoj ”. I made a commitment to myself and friends, we will not allow anyone else to go to same suffering and pain.

That’s why I developed this website. I know many people make website to make money.

But I am different than others, I made this website to help all those family members whose child / person is lost, missing, kidnap or abducted.

I know the pain and suffering the family and friends have to bear, when someone from your family or friends goes missing.

I want your Commitment & Full Co-operation is continuing this “Mission Khoj” Forever!!!

I and our group of members / Volunteers wants to make sure, No Child / Person is lost or goes Missing and if it ever happens, We will try our best to bring them home back safe !!!

I Request you to Join our group, by Registering on our Website and support “ MISSION KHOJ”

With Support from People Like you and Police and NGO, We can make “Mission Khoj”

A complete Success.

Thank you All for your continued Support to the website and its Mission.

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